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Resignation, Firing & Termination Questions : ANSWER RESUMES

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What can I do if I was denied employment because of a background check?
I recently accepted a new job with an excellent construction employer. My letter of resignation provided 10 days notice. Following my letter's acceptance, my former boss permitted me to end my employment one day early with pay (because the 10th day would have been a holiday). After day six of my final 9 days, I was told my position was officially terminated. Again I was promised pay for those final 10 days. My final check, however, did not include any of the promised "paid" days. Legally, what can I do to get what I deserve?
As I fully expected, I was faced with the typical questions- SO why are you leaving? I have worked for my present construction employer about 7 years and am leaving for a better offer. I don't really want to tell my co-workers this nor do I want my construction employer to use this as leverage to begin negotiating a counter. What to say?
What should a CEO do with a Poorly Performing Executive?
What Are Some Tips for Executives When They Want To Resign?
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